Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whole Foods Market - Minneapolis, MN - Salad Bar

Spontaneity and inspiration are two words I wish were more a part of my life. I sometimes feel they are roadside casualty's left stranded somewhere near College Graduation Avenue and First Date Boulevard. One thing I know for sure is they will never resurface if I don't let them so lend me your ear; or eye since you are reading my blog.

Alright, enough of the hyperbole. The reason for this blog entry is I am fired up by the Whole Foods Market salad bar. Stop laughing. Really, a salad bar. Whole Foods Market is the worlds retail leader in natural and organic foods with more than 270 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. The store closest to me is located in Minneapolis at the corner of West Lake Street and Excelsior Boulevard near Lake Calhoun. CLICK HERE for details including address and store hours.

The Minneapolis location of Whole Foods was recently renovated and resulted in a fun and friendly eye candy of a store on par with the Lunds and Byerly's of the world minus all the guilt and harmful chemicals. Not surprisingly the salad bar fits with the theme of natural and organic. As you walk through the store entrance the salad bar is located at the far left side (no pun intended). There are three islands that allow you to serve yourself on either side. One is hot foods such as lasagna, chicken, soups, as well as potatoes and vegetables. Another is cold prepared salads which often contain spicy tofu, noodle/pesto, various potato, couscous, to name a few. But my favorite is the delectable salad bar which I will describe next.

Let us start with Lettuce shall we? Actually you can choose from romaine, mixed greens, spinach, etc. Tasty homemade croutons with lots of crunch and garlic. Speaking of garlic, try whole roasted cloves in all their anti social melt in your mouth glory. Huge beet wedges that sometimes require a knife and fork to eat. Popcorn sized blue cheese chunks that are creamy albeit pungent in flavor. You want beans? Try edamame, chickpea, kidney, etc. Cherry tomatoes that pop in your mouth when you bite them. They even have real bacon for you cruelty free meat lovers. (Is that an oxymoron?) Several salad dressings are provided (balsamic vinegar and olive oil is my favorite combo) along with liquid amino acids for our vegan friends. Of course there are many other fresh and amazing ingredients to choose from and the selection varies by what is in season.

We suggest you stop by Whole Foods if you are in the neighborhood. Actually you should make it a destination even if you are not nearby. There are lots of stores and restaurants within walking distance and the beaches and trails of Lake Calhoun are just across the street. Whole Foods is even a stop on the Three Rivers Park District bike trail. Check it out, you just might have a good time and a great salad to boot!

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