Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jack Yee's Restaurant - Hopkins, MN - Review

Jack Yee's Restaurant
1016 Mainstreet
Hopkins, MN 55343

Rating - 6 out of 10

Located in a old fashioned storefront building on Main Street USA, or Hopkins, MN in this case is Jack Yee's Restaurant. A local institution that has stood the test of time. I was surfing eBay one day and saw a Jack Yee's place mat for sale that was from the 1960's. From what we understand, back in the day it was quite a place, however in recent years business has slowed a bit and wear and tear have taken their toll. Surprisingly enough, the quality of food and service don't seem to be effected.

Jack Yee's is not the restaurant to visit if ambiance is what you are looking for. We have been there twice and both times it had a smell of what I would describe as musty with fryer grease overtones. The lighting is dingy and the decorations are dated. The tables and silverware were clean enough, however, we could not help but wonder considering the surroundings. The dining room is completely silent with the exception of television noise from the back room and a distant radio mysteriously playing classical music.
-1 points

We were promptly greeted which was no surprise since we were the only patrons during our entire visit. The server approached quickly and brought menus and waters. He checked back often to see if we were ready or if we had any questions. Our sever was very knowledgeable about the beer and wine selections and brought the items we ordered in a timely manner. He was very appreciative for our business and had a polite conversation with us at the end of our meal. A side note is we think the night of our visit it was a one man show. Our waiter also cooked the food and took our payment at the host stand. Kudos for a job well done.
2 points

The food itself was beautiful but presentation was not a major factor. Simple plates and bowls with the various food items and no garnish or creative arranging.
1 point

Wonderful is one word that comes to mind when thinking about our meal. The egg drop soup was bright yellow, piping hot, and had lots of egg suspended in the fantastic broth. Peggy had the Triple Crown Delight with shrimp, scallops, and chicken all with mixed vegetables and a spicy brown sauce. Andy had the House Shrimp which was packed full of butterflied shrimp and crunchy broccoli all in a light and flavorful sauce. It was supposed to be spicy, but was very mild and I did not care one bit because of how great it tasted. Fantastic flavor kept me from bringing any home. I tried really hard and could not stop eating until it was all gone. Complements to the chef/waiter/host.
2 points

Soup, two entrees, two Chinese beers, one glass of Merlot and the bill came to just over $37. We had a coupon worth $5 off the price so it was an even better bargain. Peggy and I were very happy with the meal and even more happy when the check arrived.
2 points

In closing we would like to recommend you try Jack Yee's Restaurant if you are looking for great old fashioned Chinese food. Adventurous types might even find a little charm in the musty dining room reminiscent of what you might find down a dark alley in Chinatown. If you have a tendency to be a neat freak or are very particular about your surrounding decor; then please heed our words and DO NOT visit the dining room, order take out or delivery instead.

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