Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jasmine Garden - Hopkins, MN - Delivery - Review

Jasmine Garden
1601 Main Street
Hopkins, MN 55343

Rating: ***1/2

Alright, we know this is a bit unorthodox, but our first review is going to be Chinese delivery. We promise to keep it real here and what's more real than home delivery?

We were quoted 30 minutes for delivery but our order arrived much quicker, about 15 minutes. The delivery person was very polite. Our order was neatly packed in a brown paper bag stapled nice and tight. Packaging materials consisted of those plastic containers with the resealable lids (much better than those awkward white paper containers that leak all over). I don't know if it's the containers or the fast delivery, but our food was piping hot.

Tonight we started with the "Home Made Chicken Wings" for an appetizer. At $3.55 it is an absolute steal! Six wings in a sweet and spicy sauce with a surprising accompaniment of onions, green peppers and carrots. Great sauce and tasty wings make for a finger licking good appetizer.

For entrees we started with "Chicken with Black Bean Sauce." ($7.45/quart) This dish had a sweet malty flavor. The sauce was very smooth and light and just the right amount. Vegetables consisted of green peppers, onions, carrots, pea pods, zucchini, celery, mushrooms, baby corn, black beans and water chestnuts. This is a good dish for those who don't like a lot of spice.

Our next entree was "Hunan Chicken." ($7.45/quart) This dish is listed on the menu with a red pepper next to it signifying that it is spicy hot. While it was temperature hot, I would disagree with the spicy hot designation on the menu. In fact I would say it was mild at best. The sauce was very light and subdued with not a lot of flavor. Vegetables consisted of broccoli, green peppers, onions, carrots, pea pods, zucchini, celery, mushrooms, baby corn, and water chestnuts.

All our food was temperature hot when we received it and consisted of HUGE portions. Jasmine Garden's food is all fresh cooked using vegetable oil only and contains no MSG.

All in all, we would suggest you give this place a try. The speed, friendliness, quality and quantity all make up for the Hunan Chicken being a bit bland.



Opy 7 said...

I love this blog! Great name, too.
I'll have to give jasmone a try.
Thanks again.

Al Opitz

andyandpeggy said...

Thanks for the kind words and for checking out our blog.